Pay Easily For Weebly Theme

new payment option

Until now PayPal was the only payment method we accepted and while PayPal is very popular and widely preferred, we understand that there are some who would prefer another payment method.

To this effect, we’ve added another payment method to enable you pay me easily with credit card and 2checkout, in addition to PayPal.


To access the new payment options, add a product you want to cart and on the checkout page you notice a “Select a Payment Method” option, click to select your preferred payment method.

new payment methods added


In addition to introduction of new payment methods, we’ve also uplifted the look of the checkout page. It’s now very fast and easy to add payment information and download any product.  Now you can add multiple items to the cart and check them all out at once.


We’ll continue to improve on website and products to ensure hat you have the best experience when you visit us.



We have re-introduce admin dashboard for weebly websites. View details here: Admin Dashboard Re-introduced.


Desire Theme Updated To Version 2.2

Landing-2 of desire weebly theme - Roomy Themes

Desire theme has been updated to version 2.2. Some of the features updated are:

COLOR SCHEME: Previous versions of Desire theme had 15 color scheme to choose from. This option has been removed from the latest version now making it possible to select and use any color of choice.


Theme Options: We’ve made some improvements to theme customization options now making it even easier to simply turn on/off features.


Page Layouts: There’s been some changes to the page layouts. We’ve eliminated some layouts and redesigned others.


Admin Dashboard: Following recent re-introduction of admin dashboard to our themes, the latest version of desire theme has admin dashboard already installed. Content sections such as popup, header toggle, mobile menu, etc. are now editable via the dashboard.


Above are some updates to expect from version 2.2 of desire theme. The two major updates are the color scheme and re-introduction of admin dashboard.


Re-Introducing Admin Dashboard

admin dashboard for weebly themes

A couple of months ago we discontinued “Admin Dashboard” which was one of the unique features of our weebly themes. The reason for the discontinuation was to redesigned and improve the dashboard to look and function much better.


After months of hard work, we are very excited to announce a re-introduction of the dashboard. We’re in the process of updating our themes with the new dashboard but our new themes and recently updated themes already have have the new dashboard.

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Focus Theme Updated To Version 2.2

Focus theme updated to version 2.2

One of our most sort after weebly theme, Focus, has been updated to version 2.2.

This latest update was centered around ease of use within the website builder. We have added a Dashboard which makes it easy to build additional content sections and plugins like popups, header toggle, mobile-menu contents,  etc.

The dashboard eliminates the need to scroll down below the footer of each page to build these content sections. Now, you build in one place and it appears for all.

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How To Sell Services On Weebly Website

sell services on weebly website

I came across a weebly website owner with a private practice (counseling) website who was so worried about being able to sell her services directly on weebly.

From her understanding, to sell online you need a physical or digital goods. To be honest, she wasn’t crazy because until weebly recently added “Service Products” to a list pf their product types, selling services on weebly was a problem for most.

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4 Weebly Themes Updated For 2018’s Look & Feel

pyramid theme

We are very excited to announce that we’ve updated some of our themes to match the look and expectations of 2018. All our new themes already have all it takes to compete with any other theme from any website builder platform (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc.).

Our new weebly themes are now very easy to use, have no color restrictions, makes your website very informative and appealing.

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ePAGE Template Updated To Version 1.3

weebly template options on epage theme

In line with the promise to keep our themes and other weebly products up-to-date, we’re proud to announce that ePAGE template, one of our most sort after weebly themes has undergone a major update.


Previous versions of ePAGE, like most of our standard weebly templates at that time had 15 color scheme to choose from, theme options, and a bit of a rigid color structure. But as weebly is making it easier with color scheme and other features, so are we. The update covers color, theme options, header types, plugins, etc.

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Peaceful Fitness Weebly Theme New – Template

Peaceful fitness weebly template

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Peaceful Fitness theme, a latest addition to our already extensive weebly themes collection. Peaceful fitness has loads of features you’ll find very useful in building your weebly website.


Although the demo website is build as a fitness/lifestyle website, Peaceful fitness template is perfect for any kind of use, e-commerce or informational.  Peaceful fitness template has 20 beautiful header types to choose from, 3 landing layouts perfect for building a home page, lots of content plugins some of which are: Boxit slider, Storybook, Worthy testimonials, iPopup, Essential events, Gravel pricing, social choices, among others.

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