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1 SITE LICENSE Restricts the user to ONE installation only. You can install and use the product on one website only. You can NOT install it on multiple websites, even if the other websites are owned by you.
3 SITES LICENSE Restricts the user to maximum of THREE installations. You can install the product on up to 3 websites only. Learn more

Setup Package

INSTALL & CUSTOMIZE For an additional fee, we can install and customize this theme for you. If for example you want a feature from landing-3 layout moved to landing-1, we can do that for you. If your exact color scheme is not among the 15 available color scheme, we can create a color scheme of your choosing. These and many more can be done for you if you want us to. More info
BUILD WEBSITE We can build your website for you. We'll install this theme, customize it and build your webite pages and contents. More info


Slick and colorful restaurant theme for weebly websites. With its modern and professional appearance, Cafe is guaranteed to convert visitors into customers.

With its full support for weebly section element, you get to build multiple content sections by mere drag and drop. With just a click, dress up content sections with background images, colors and videos.

Cafe is packed with loads of tools including popups, testimonials and events plugin. Although designed as a restaurant template, Cafe theme is an all-purpose weebly template and can be used for any purpose.

Cafe theme is fully responsive, modern, professional and easy to customize. It supports all weebly features including e-commerce.



Three landing layouts

Choose from three well designed landing layouts. These landing layouts have multiple content sections with interactive content plugins such as sliders, popups, content boxes, testimonials, widgets and more.

Within theme options tab, you'll be able to turn off (Hide) any content section you don't want within these layouts.


Light or Dark theme

With cafe theme you get to choose from two types of theme, light theme or dark theme. The light theme has a white background header, black theme has black background header.

Within theme option, select theme type to switch between light and dark theme types.


Background video plugin

A drag and drop weebly background video plugin that gives a website that "extra advantage". Uupload your own video to replace the default. Drag and drop elements directly on the footage.


Two content popups

Display any kind of content using this drag and drop weebly popup plugin. Cafe theme has two popups. One is for testimonials that you'll be able to edit by simply clicking to add testimonial information. The other can be build by dropping any weebly element on it, which means you can have contact form, video, photos, texts, etc.

Display popup trigger links anywhere on your website including blog posts. You can turn off (hide) header popup links within theme options.


Toggle menu or horizontal menu

Cafe weebly theme enables you to have either the toggle navigation menu (default) or collapse the menu to have horizontal menu in place of the sligan.

Within theme options tab, turn on "collapse menu" to activate horizontal menu.


Product Element

Weebly drag and drop product element is fully customized on this theme. You'll be able to drag and drop weebly product element to build your product items.

Cafe theme has a built-in header cart that can be turned on/off within theme options. Cafe theme has full support for weebly e-commerce.


3 restaurant menu styles

1-click to edit restaurant menus. Click to edit texts and upload photos.

Within theme options, you can decide number of menu items to show for each category. For example within "Salads", you can show 3, 6, 8 or 10 menu items. The same goes for all categories within the two menu styles.

Building menu 3 is as easy as the first two except, with menu 3 there are no restrictions as to how many menu items or categories you can have. Simply drag and drop to build menu items.


Support for section element

Don't like any of our crazy ideas about what a website should look like? The good news is, because cafe theme has full support for weebly section element, you'll be able to create your own unique (and I mean, unique) web pages with multiple content sections.
You can simply drag and drop section element anywhere and dress it up with background color, background image or background video; then proceed to drop other elements (photos, texts, gallery, videos, etc.) above it.


Weebly events builder plugin

An easy to build event plugin for weebly website. 1-click to edit event information, drag and drop to build.

Within theme options, show 4, 8 or 12 events. You can also turn off (hide) toolbar, grid/list view, date & time.


Peak testimonial

Use the built-in peak testimonials plugin to showcase feedback you receive from clients. With 1-click, edit texts and upload testimonial photos.

Within theme options, you can show 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 testimonials for each column. You can also hide testimonial features like photo, star rating and name.



Using the blockquote element, you can create as many testimonials as you want and place them on any page. The element, with its italic font style simply creates the impressions of a "quote" making it a suitable tool for building testimonial items.


Two image galleries

Two beautiful gallery layouts with interactive images. Full width gallery layout and page-sized gallery layout.


Interactive slider plugin

Make your website a little more interactive with the built-in slider plugin. Drop content elements directly on the slider. Upload your own slider images to replace current images


15 colors to choose from

Cafe weebly theme has 15 web-safe color scheme to choose from. From dark color to light color schemes, you'll be able to switch between colors with just 1-click.

Simply click the "theme" tab to see all 15 colors. Selected color is applied instantly.

There's a documentation with diagrams on how to make your custom color scheme.


Loads of theme options.

Is there any content section or feature you don't like on cafe theme? Is it the slogan? phone number? popup? You can turn them on/off as you wish.

From ability to turn off content section to being able to regulate page size, activate horizontal menu and regulate number of content sections or boxes to show for given layout, cafe theme comes fully packed with theme options to help you build without sweat.


With so manny options and beautifully crafted page layouts, cafe is a perfect weebly theme for any industry or brand.

Cafe theme was designed and developed with the assumption that you have zero knowledge of building a website which makes it an ideal website builder template for anyone.


Offline Message

Hi, I really love your Cafe theme, it will be perfect fo our restaurant website.
Will it be possible to have the navigation display normally for visitors to see instead of clicking the 3 lines?

Visitor 1

I think you mean collapsing the menu. Yes, it's possible to horizontally display the navigation. On theme options tab you'll be able to turn on "Collapse Menu". The menu will appear in place of the slogan.

Read full conversation


This theme is developed primarily for and weebly designers hosted websites.

With external hosts such as ipage, blue host and others, we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility. this is because some of these hosts do not have the latest version of weebly.

Also, some host might charge additional fee for importing a theme or using some weebly features. Please check with your hosting provider before making a purchase. Weebly does NOT charge any amount for importing theme. If you don't have a weebly account, create one here


Need help building your website?

Setting up and building your website is too time consuming or you just don't know where to start?

Need someone to help you install this theme, customize it to your taste, or you just need someone to help build your website, add pages and products?

Look no further, our inhouse design experts are here to listen to your preferences, offer suggestions and help install, customize this theme and build your website for you.


Offline Message

Hi, I really love your Cafe theme, it will be perfect fo our restaurant website.
Will it be possible to have the navigation display normally for visitors to see instead of clicking the 3 lines?

Visitor 1

I think you mean collapsing the menu. Yes, it's possible to horizontally display the navigation. On theme options tab you'll be able to turn on "Collapse Menu". The menu will appear in place of the slogan.

Offline Message

I like the background video on landing 1 page. With a weebly theme I'm using, I can't use background video because I run a free weebly website. With your cafe theme will I be able to use my own video on the free site?

Visitor 2

Yes, that's one of our plugin and doesn't depend on any weebly plan used. You will simply upload your own video to replace current one.

Live Chat

Good to know. I also really love the events page, On average we have 4-6 or 7 events per month. I wonder if it will be possible to show less amount of events, and where it says 2016, we can write the month and year, for example: September, 2016. Is any of these possible?

Visitor 3

Yes, both options are possible. Within theme options tab, you'll be able to display 4, 8 or 12 events. You will also be able to click events toolbar to edit its text and write anything you wish.

Offline Message

I'm looking at your cafe theme and live demo shows theme with black background at top and the one with white background. If I buy the theme, do I get both or I have to buy the two separately?

Visitor 4

No you don't buy them separately, both options (light and dark) are part of one theme.

Live Chat

I like the option to have either white or black background. Are they two different themes that I have to install and switch by changing themes?

Visitor 5

No, it's just one theme. After installation, you will be able to simply select "Light" or "Dark" theme type within theme options.

Offline Message

We like the look of Menu 2 page partly because of those circular images of food, but I'm not crazy about the Knife and fork. Will it be possible to remove those, and also reduce numer of menu items for each section?

Visitor 6

Yes, within theme options tab, scroll down to "MENU 2" you'll see "Fork/Knife" turn it on to remove it.
For number of menu items, you'll also see dropdown boxes for each menu section enabling you to display 3, 6, 8 or 10 items per section.

Menu 3 on the other hand permits you to show unrestrcited number of items, as many as you want.