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Three landing layouts

Choose from three well designed landing layouts. These landing layouts have multiple content sections with interactive content plugins tabs, sliders, background video, and more

Within theme options tab, you’ll be able to turn off (Hide) any content section you don’t want within these layouts.

Free version has no landing layout.


Two content popups

Easy pricing builder plugin for weebly. 1-click to edit pricing texts, drag and drop to build pricing information.

Within theme options show 2, 3 or 4 pricing columns.

This plugin is not included in free version.


All portfolio items

Display your work samples using this easy-to-build portfolio builder. Simply drag and drop weebly elements to build.

Within theme options tab, show 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 portfolio items.

This feature is not included in free version.


Portfolio details page

In addition to displaying work samples, you might also want to create informative pages for some or all of those work samples.

Ndise theme has seperate portfolio pages to help you create detailed portfolio information including client feedback on the project.

This feature is not included in free version.


Product details page

In addition to weebly’s provided product page, Onsale theme comes with its own feature-rich product page. The product details page is drag and drop and 1-click editable, very easy to build!

Some of its features are: product images, overall rating, product reviews (testimonials), title and description, price, add to cart button and related products.

You can configure the page to your liking within theme options.

Free version doesn’t have this e-commerce feature.


Weebly events builder plugin

Not crazy about weebly’s default blog posts display, use this layout to display your blog articles, then link them to repective articles.

Within theme options, show 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 posts. You can also turn off (hide) toolbar, grid/list view, date & time.

This plugin is not included in free version.


A+ testimonial

Display testimonials you receive from clients using the built-in A+ testimonial plugin. Click to add ratings, edit testimonial texts and upload photos.

Show/hide customer reviews, photos and names within theme options. Ability to show 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 testimonials on each column. There’s also ability to show 1 testimonial column instead of 2.

This plugin is not included in free version.


5 language flags

Do you have your website in more than one language? Link them with each other using the built-in language widget. Click to upload image (flag), then click to link to your website.

Within theme options, you can show 2, 3, 4 or 5 flags. You can also turn off flags.

This feature is not included in free version.


Interactive slider plugin

Make your website a little more interactive with the built-in slider plugin. Drop content elements directly on the slider. Upload your own slider images to replace current images

This plugin is not included in free version.


15 colors to choose from

Cafe weebly theme has 15 web-safe color scheme to choose from. From dark color to light color schemes, you’ll be able to switch between colors with just 1-click.

Simply click the “theme” tab to see all 15 colors. Selected color is applied instantly.

There’s a documentation with diagrams on how to make your custom color scheme.

Free version has 1 color. To change colors in free version, you have to go into the code.


Loads of theme options.

Is there any content section or feature you don’t like about Ndise theme light version? Is it the slogan? phone number? header toggle? You can turn them on/off as you wish.

From ability to turn off content section to being able to regulate page size and regulate number of content sections or boxes to show for given layout, Ndise theme comes fully packed with theme options to help you build without sweat.

Free version doesn’t have theme options.

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