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focus weebly theme landings

5 Landing Layouts

Choose from 5 well designed landing layouts to welcome your visitors into your website. Turn on/off content sections easily.

Free version has not landing layout.

Focus Weebly Theme Storybook

Storybook Content Plugin

A multi purpose interactive content plugin that can be used to display “services”, “team members”, “news items”, etc. It’s suitable for any purpose. Drag and drop images and texts to build.

This plugin is not included in the free version

Focus Weebly Theme background footage plugin

2 Background Video Plugin

A drag and drop weebly background footage plugin that gives a website that “extra advantage”. Available on two landing layouts, upload your own video to replace the default. Drag and drop contents directly on the footage.

Background video is not part of the free version.

Focus Weebly Theme stepup testimonial plugin

Stepup Testimonial

Display testimonials using this great content plugin. Display both video and written testimonials on the same page. Drag and drop and 1-click editable content builder.

The free version doesn’t have stepup testimonials

Focus Weebly Theme pricing plugin

eGO Pricing Plugin

An easy to build pricing plugin. One-click to edit texts and Drag and drop content builder. Show 2, 3 or 4 pricing columns.

This plugin is not part of the free version.

Focus Weebly Theme Color Scheme

15 Color Scheme

Choose from 15 web-safe colors with just 1-click. There’s also an easy option to make your own colors. The chosen color is applied instantly.

The free version has only one color.

Focus Weebly Theme pop up

2 Pop up Plugins

Display any kind of content using this drag and drop weebly popup plugin. Drop any content on the popup content area, display popup trigger links anywhere on your website including blog posts.

The pop up plugin is not part of the free version.

Focus Weebly Theme product details

Product Details Layout

Display your products in a stylish way using the product details layout. Drag and drop Elements to build product contents.

This feature is not part of the free version.

Focus Weebly Theme Tabs


Drag and drop weebly tabs plugin. Add background image behind each tab. Regulate number of tabs to display within the THEME tab.

This is not included in the free version.

Focus Weebly Theme customizing

Customize Theme

Turn on/off any content section or feature you don’t need without going into the code. Regulate page size, number of content to show, etc. all in one place.

This is not possible with the free version.


Remove all brandings (links) by RoomyThemes both within the editor and the published website.

This is not possible with the free version.


Free or premium weebly plan, our themes come with its own footer, allowing you to drag and drop elements on the footer to build contents.

The free version doesn’t have editable footer.


We offer 24/7 support to out premium customers. Live customer support, ticket support, fixing bugs, getting updates, etc. are some of the support to enjoy.

Customers using free themes get zero support.


We also offer inhouse design services were we help you install and customized any of our products and build your website for you.

This is not possible with the free version.

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