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Two landing layouts

Choose from 5 well designed landing layouts. These landing layouts have multiple content sections with interactive content plugins such as sliders, background videos, content boxes, tabs,testimonials and more.

Within theme options tab, you'll be able to turn off (Hide) any content section you don't want within these layouts.

Free version has no landing layout.


Small, large, full or default size.

Need the page size to be larger? No problem. Within theme options tab you can set page size to small, large, full or default with just 1-click.

With free version, you need to go into the code to change page size.


Breadcrumbs menu

Use breadcrumbs to display links to inner and/or hidden pages. Breacrumbs can also be used to tell users what page they are on. Click to edit breacrumb texts, click to link.

Not included in free version.


Product element

Weebly drag and drop product element is fully customized on this theme. You'll be able to drag and drop weebly product element to build your product items.

You'll be able to choose to display your products in carousel, grid or masonry grid.

Default product styling and look for free version.


Product details page

Focus theme gives you two options to display detailed information about your products using either weebly product page or built-in product details page.

Display product information, product reviews and related products. Use section elements to build multiple content sections.

Not included in free version.



Well customized cart that can be enabled or disabled within theme options tab. By default, the cart is disabled, you will have to turn it on via theme options tab.

Default styling and look for cart


Support for section element

Don't like any of our crazy ideas about what a website should look like? The great news is, because focus theme has full support for weebly section element, you'll be able to create your own unique (and I mean, unique) web pages with multiple content sections.
You can simply drag and drop section element anywhere and dress it up with background color, background image or background video; then proceed to drop other elements (photos, texts, gallery, videos, etc.) above it.

Included in free version.


Background video plugin

A drag and drop weebly background video plugin that gives a website that "extra advantage".

Available on two landing layouts, upload your own video to replace the default. Drag and drop contents directly on the footage.

Not included in free version.


Stepup Testimonials

Display testimonials using this great content plugin. Display both video and written testimonials on the same page. Drag and drop and 1-click editable content builders.

Within theme options disable testimonial names and photos. You can show 6, 12, 18, or 24 testimonials.

Free version doesn't have this plugin.


Orbit feedback

Found on landing-1 layout, orbit feedback enables you to display a testimonial slider. Each slide contains a text and photo element. You will simply click to replace the texts with your client testimonial, then click to upload photo of client.

Also not part of the free version.


Blockquote Element

Using the blockquote element, you can create as many testimonials as you want and place them on any page. The element, with its italic font style simply creates the impressions of a "quote" making it a suitable tool for building testimonial items.

Included in free version.


eGO Pricing plugin

Wish to show pricing plans for your products and services? Use this built-in weebly pricing plugin to display pricing plans. Click to edit texts, drag and drop elements to build.

Within theme options, you can show 2, 3, or all 4 pricing columns.

Free version doesn't have pricing plugin.


Interactive content plugin

A multi purpose interactive weebly content plugin that can be used to display "services", "team members", "news items", etc. It's suitable for any purpose. Drag and drop images to build, click to edit texts and links.

Within theme options, click to show 4, 8, 12, 16 or all 20 stories. Ability to use your preferred color for each story as well as turn off links.

Not included in free version.


Perfect for questions & answers

Have questions and answers to display on your website?

Use the built-in accordion plugin suitable for any purpose. Drag and drop elements to build the contents. Display as many Q&As as you want.

Not included in free version.


Storybook addon

Want to create profiles for your team members, products, services, partners? Use this interactive profile addon. Click to edit texts, drag and drop section element to build multiple content sections.

Not included in free version.


Boxit slider plugin

Slideshow is still a really cool way of adding interactivity to your website and projects. Focus theme comes with built-in 1-click editable slider plugin for weebly.

Free version doesn't have slider plugin


iPopup Plugin

Display any kind of content using this drag and drop weebly popup plugin. Drop any content element on the popup content area, display popup trigger links anywhere on your website including blog posts.

Not included in free version.


15 colors to choose from

Focus theme comes with 15 beautful colors to choose from. From dark color to light color schemes, you'll be able to switch between colors with just 1-click.

Simply click the "theme" tab to see all 15 colors. Selected color is applied instantly. There's also a clear documentation guide with diagrams on how to make your custom color scheme.

Free version has 1 color. To change colors in free version, you have to go into the code.


Loads of theme options.

Is there any content section or feature of focus theme that you don't like? Is it the cart? phone number? account login link? language flags? You can turn them on/off as you wish.

From ability to turn off content sections to regulating number of content sections or boxes to show for given layout, focus theme comes fully packed with theme options to help you build from start to finish without doing any coding.

Free version doesn't have theme options.

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