Fanaka Homes

Here's what Karen has to say:

"James was incredible. Very professional, very communicative and timely. He also goes out of his way to provide assistance even when the job has been long done. I'll definitely be using him again soon!"


Here are some beautiful weebly websites we have build and we are free to build one for you.
Yours will be different and fitting to your brand and business model.

Do I pay before or after the work is completed?

Payment is made before work begins. To begin, you have to buy an Inhouse design package that fits your job description.

How long will it take to complete the project?

It depends on the purchased package.

For product customization, it usually take 24-48 hours. Website creation depends on the package. An average completion period is 3-5 days

It depends on your purchased package. Once you request an Inhouse design service we will discuss possible delivery time-frame.

How do I pay for the project?

Once we reach an agreement and we are ready to begin working on your project, you will receive a payment notice via email with a link for you to pay. You will be able to pay via credit card or eCheck

What happens after I submit a package request?

Your request (application) will be reviewed by our team to determine if your requirements falls within offered services. Once we finish reviewing your request, you will receive a message from us usually within 24-48 hours but could take longer

Do I get refunds if I don't like the outcome or if I change my mind about the project?

Since we bill by our time not the outcome of the work, there are NO refunds for projects.

If a client changes his/her mind after work has already began, there are no refunds. The job has to be completed or terminated based on the wishes of the client, but there will be no refunds.

Do you offer maintenance Services?


We do NOT and will NOT stay on and maintain your website or product. Any of the Inhouse design services is a one-time service offer. We do NOT offer maintenance services of any kind.