how is your weebly store, how is your weebly e-commerce website

How’s Your Weebly Store? How’s Your E-Commerce Website?

Today, internet is one of the best marketplaces. Selling online is one sure way to reach a wider audience. I have used weebly for a very long time, I have seen how its technology and features have improved over the years but one feature that stands out as the fastest growing and most improved is their e-commerce feature. Recently, weebly ...
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weebly sitemap - find sitemap for weebly website

Weebly Sitemap – Where to Generate Sitemap For SEO

There are many reasons you might need access to your website sitemap, one of the most popular being when submitting a website to search engines. What is a sitemap? A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages and posts of a web site accessible to crawlers (search engines) or users. For some website builders you have to use ...
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how to redesign weebly website that is already live

How To Redesign Weebly Website That is Already Live

In a previous article I explained how to transfer an active weebly subscription from one website to another and I mentioned that the only reason I usually do this is when redesigning a website that’s already live. In this article, I’m going to explain how you can redesign your current weebly website without taking it offline or still have a ...
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transfer weebly subscription to another website

How Transfer Weebly Subscription To Another Website

Weebly has different hosting plans that suits different business or website demands. Each website you create with weebly requires that you either use it as a free website or subscribe to (buy) one of weebly’s hosting plans. Subscribing to a certain plan means you’ve agreed to make a monthly or yearly payment to weebly for hosting that particular website for ...
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weebly store - host your website on weebly and sell your products outside weebly

Weebly Store, Sell your products elsewhere

If you’re running an online store or planning on starting one, there are many reasons you might want to have a certain website showcasing your products without actually selling those products there. It could be that you want to have multiple online store that leads back to your main store or checkout page for purchases. Regardless of your reason, in ...
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weebly favicon, use your own icon

Weebly Favicon – Use your own icon on weebly website

I believe every website has a favicon, it might be one specifically added to represent a particular website and its brand or one put in place in case a certain website doesn’t have its own. Weebly is no stranger to this. On any weebly website that doesn’t have its own favicon uploaded, you will see a default weebly favicon (weebly ...
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Onsale theme version 1.3 - weebly e-commerce theme by roomy themes

Onsale Theme Version 1.3 – Weebly E-Commerce Template

We’re delighted to inform you all that Onsale Theme has been updated to version 1.3. The latest update adds a more modern and content-driven feel to the theme. In addition to these, there’s been a number of changes to both the look and functionality of the theme. Onsale Weebly E-Commerce Theme Updated to Version 1.3 In the course of the ...
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bed and breakfast weebly template

Bed and Breakfast Website Theme – Weebly Template

If you’re building a website for bed and breakfast, guesthouse, motel, inn, or anything related to this then you really need to use this beautiful bed and breakfast website theme, a weebly template. Peaceful B&B weebly theme is part of the peaceful weebly theme series. The bed and breakfast theme has very modern and classy appearance, is interactive, responsive, has ...
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sensor weebly pricing plugin

Weebly Plugins Update, Slider, Portfolio And More

We’ve recently updated some of our weeebly plugins as well as added some new plugins. The updated plugins are now more easier to build on, and have more installation and builder options. Some of the updated plugins are: Milo Content, Boxit Slider, Stepup Testimonials, iPopup plugins among others. Some of the newly introduced plugins are: Social Choices, Fliper Content and ...
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multi language weebly wensite

Build Weebly Website In Multiple Languages

In a previous article, I explained how to translate weebly website into different languages using translation widgets. In this article, I’m going to explain how to build weebly websites in multiple languages by manually translating the pages. This method is going to seem a bit tedious and somewhat expensive but it might just be what you need because manually translating ...
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