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resonance weebly theme landing layouts

Resonance Weebly Theme Updated To Version 2

Inline with our promise to keep all our products modern and up-to-date, we started creating modern versions of our outdated themes, the latest being Resonance theme. We’ve made quite a number of update to the theme from overall appearance to adding additional page layouts and features as well as eliminate some outdated features. Below are list of some of the ...
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How to backup weebly website

How to Backup Weebly Website

There are many reasons to backup (keep a copy of) any website. Backing up your website is one of the most important things you should do after your website goes live and every time you make major changes. Below are some major reasons to backup a website: Code editing & theme customization: Editing a website source code should only be ...
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website background video

Website Background Video, Good Idea or Not?

The phrase ‘background videos’ is not a strange one, you have heard and seen them in any modern website. While image and content sliders are very popular and perhaps one of the oldest method of adding interactivity to website, background video is catching on very fast and definitely becoming very popular. Having a background video on my website, good idea ...
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Desire weebly theme updated to version 2

Desire Weebly Theme Updated To Version 2

We’re very pleased to announce that one of our most downloaded weebly themes has been updated to version 2. Think you love desire weebly theme? you’re going to love it even more. The updated version comes with some amazing features, content plugins and page-layouts. Some of the updated features are: 1. Theme Type Version 2.0 of desire theme enables you ...
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5 new weebly themes to download

5 New Weebly Themes You Should Be Using

Roomy Themes will constantly bring you the best weebly themes in terms of beauty, modernity, functionality, features, compatibility and more. We have added some new themes and also updated old themes. Below are list of 5 beautiful and feature-rich new weebly themes you should definitely be using on your website. 5 Amazing New Weeebly Themes For Your Website 1. Stencil ...
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Weebly Themes – Stencil Creative Weebly Theme

There are website themes that look so good that you won’t think they are weebly’s unless you are told. Stencil is one of those themes. With its fresh, professional, interactive and sleek appearance, stencil theme has all the features of a modern creative weebly theme. Stencil Creative Weebly Theme Stencil is a modern, interactive and professionally designed weebly themes perfect ...
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build multiple content sections on weebly

Weebly Website – How to Build Multiple Content Sections

There was a time when you needed some understanding of HTML, CSS and weebly internal structure to be able to build multiple drag and drop content sections but this is no longer the case. With the arrival of weebly SECTION element, you can now build as many content sections as you want by mere drag and drop. Weebly website section ...
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weebly theme - uwem theme header image

Uwem Weebly Theme – Interactive Professional Weebly Template

Have you seen uwem weebly theme? It’s the ultimate professional weebly template and if you’re not using it already, then you are missing a lot. With its bright web-safe colors, font properties and graphic-rich content sections, Uwem simply tells your story in words and graphics without appearing overwhelming. Features of uwem weebly theme Uwem comes fully packed with interactive content ...
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cafe weebly theme for restaurant updated to version 2

Cafe Weebly Theme Updated To Version 2.0

Cafe Weebly Theme For Restaurants, nutrition clubs, coffe houses, etc. Have you seen version 2.0 of cafe theme? If you ever had any doubt about buying the theme, you won’t after seeing version 2.0 of this beautiful restaurant weebly theme. The update came as part of our commitment to constantly update our products and based on requests and comments from ...
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how to build weebly website - display documents on pages

How to Build Weebly Website – Display Documents On Pages

Ability to show files and documents on web pages is one of the few questions we’ve been asked by many website and intend website owners. Some informational websites, especially about real estates, marketing/survey, accounting/statistics, copyrighting, requires that you display some documents showing your progress, work samples, business plans, etc. In many cases, most website owners resort to displaying email address ...
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